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Enye is Offline

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About Me

Age: 103
Birthday: October 8th
Sign: Libra
Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Joined: 2006-01-16 11:37:46
Languages: English
Location: Ask Me

My Appearance

Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Red
Weight: 54kg (119lbs)
Height: 157cm (5ft 2in)
Breasts: D Cup
Pubic Hair: Trimmed
Body Type: Athletic
Body Mods: Piercings

About Me

Photo of Enye Photo of Enye Photo of Enye Photo of Enye

My Fetishes

Nipple Play, Stockings/Panty Hose, Cock Teasing

My Sex Toys

Vibrator, Strap-on, Anal Beads

Role Playing

French Maid/Client, Boss / Secretary, Student/Teacher

Recent Reviews

Tazman55b on August 21, 2010:   kissssssssssssssss Sweety! :))

Eight8s on July 22, 2010:   Classy beautiful lady that is always sweet , sexy and charmong .
She remembers the last private and all is ppicked up as if it was minutes ago .
Best of the Best !!!

LickaU on July 14, 2010:   Enye has been a wonderful ESP lady for over 4 1/2 years .
Dare you to take time to know her - she may steal you heart

Tazman55b on June 23, 2010:   Enye is as sweet and charming as she is sexy and beautiful :))

Tazman55b on June 22, 2010:   Enye is a very sexy, hot woman that will put a smile on your face guaranteed! :)

futuregeek on June 20, 2010:   She is amazing and inspiring and awesome. I could fall in love with a girl like Enye.

Tazman55b on June 15, 2010:   kisssssss!! Thank you for another wonderful night and helping to make my birthday great! :)))) kisssssss!!

Tazman55b on June 9, 2010:   Sexy, sweet, creative, daring, she has it all! :)))) Be nice to her and she will be nice to you.

Tazman55b on April 30, 2010:   mmmmmm to be a fish in her aquariam, always watching, spending day and night with her :))) She is a one of a kind woman, don't try to tame her, or change her, just enjoy her!

Fabien91 on November 16, 2009:   Enye
She is always in our thoughts
It was our past
She will be our intended
It is It simply
The love which we have in our fund
It is with her that we see our future
For her that we draw this smile
It is it which returns this easier life
We will say to nor 10 times him but one one thousand
For her we will cross all ...

Fabien91 on November 16, 2009:   Words bump into each other to take their place
But no one can describe you in perfection
The one that you were, the one whom you gave us
Your being is light and Love
And it is it that we will keep on our way
To you, the eternal Angel...

Tazman55b on November 16, 2009:   Enye is a wonderful and exciting woman. I am always happy and enjoying my time whether we are just talking and laughing, or I am a fish caught on a hook ;)) She is very sexy and sultry and full of energy! She truly has a great heart, and if you treat her nice, she will treat you the same :)) Incredibly Fun and Beautiful woman!!

Fabien91 on October 17, 2009:   Ode for Enye
Once upon a time a flower with eyes blue
Who dreamt about food in the marvellous world
Its beauty would have equal no other flower
Her charm would be one of his nicest weapon
It parried that she hits the most noble of hearts
That inside has heat would be there
She would be recognizable with her red hair
That the one who ...

Fabien91 on October 17, 2009:   Make us a flower
we know what is a day without your laugh
Without you years have too many hours
Water us with your brightness of happiness
Give us the charm of your smiles
You come is energy of our heart
Make us a flower
Come quickly not need to inform
So that finally we see the light
That fly in brightness of your ...

PerryWest on October 17, 2009:   Enye has a personality that grabs you by the collar and never lets go. I have chatted with her for a very long time now, and I will always keep coming back. If you want to spend time with a real person, Enye is She!

Fabien91 on October 1, 2009:   His mouth is a candy
In the nectar of raspberry
And in front of her I melt
When she becomes spicy
His mouth is a passion
The purest of wonders
When voracious she melts
On my simple apparatus
His mouth is tropical
Hot humid at the same time
A bucal rainbow
That she likes as much as me
This wild mad ...

rich14 on September 30, 2009:   Everything Fabien91 has said and MORE MORE MORE. Enye you are simply the best and loveliest lady around. You are the ultimate star, friend and fantasy. Happiness always. Muahhh.

Fabien91 on September 17, 2009:   the moon found her eyes to be reflected there
the sun found her eyes to shine there
the sea found her eyes to marvel there
the fire found her eyes to glitter there
and us, we found them to love her

Fabien91 on June 3, 2009:   Enye our Star

If the whole world doesn't hear you we will
If the whole world doesn't understand you we will
If you refuse us next to you
We will fight until you give up
If you don't give up
We will be like your shadow
You will feel us beside you
We will always be there for you

Fabien91 on May 5, 2009:   Enye passes bringing light,
fades without ever shouting attention
Leaving there my heart which gets lost
She shines but claims only to be earth.
Enye is at least miss of my world
I even do not know by which mystery
As the sun looks at the moon continuously
Will she always remain a dream?
My heart exhausts itself in prohibited ways

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